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Chain of Office

If there is one thing that the UK funeral trade associations have in common it is the fact that they all have a Presidential Chain of Office. When the AGFD was being established it was decided that if it too was to have such a chain, it should only be made of 100% recycled materials. It was also suggested that the chain might try to reflect the natural world in some way. The photographs on the right give a pictorial history of the design and making process.

The ingredients of the chain are ancient copper pipes and wires kindly donated by local plumbers and electricians in Kent.

The chain is made in the form of leaves banded together with the copper wire.

Since the leaves are all 3D in form, it was not possible to engrave the names of Past Presidents onto the chain as is the custom for all the other funeral associations. Hence a more up to date approach was called for: an acorn was made for the base of the chain in which a memory stick can be housed with pictures & details of all the associationís presidents.

As a final gesture to sustainability, the carrying case is also made of 12 pieces of recycled bamboo flooring.

1. Original Ingredients
3. Acorn Ingredients
5. Cutting Individual Leaves
7. Nearly Finished
9. Finished Chain
11. The Chain Gang
2. Acorn Design Sketch
4. Work in Progress
6. Taking Shape
8. Acorn with Memory Stick
10. Finished Recycled Bamboo Case